Fate Marie – The story behind the name

Summer was quickly approaching and I knew I did not want to be pregnant throughout the whole summer. From that day forward I made sure I was careful what I wished for. It was a Father’s Day Sunday and we had planned to go to church as we do any other Sunday but this time in particular the choir director had car trouble called me as I was ironing clothes to ask if she could get picked up and car pool with us for the eleven o’clock service.

I had no problem picking her up because I want my abundance of blessings but at the time I was over six months pregnant and it was 98 degrees, no air conditioner in my caravan and I had two toddlers already in the back seat asking me every five minutes are the there yet. Upon pulling up to the choir director house I seen she had two more little children with her and I immediately asked GOD to give me the strength not to curse before I get in the church. Traffic was atrocious I said GOD if this truck don’t get out of my way So help me LORD. Then at that point it seemed like my stomach started doing backflips. I had to pull over and the same choir director who I had went to pick up was there to help deliver my premature daughter Fate Marie eleven weeks earlier. I used that name because it was Fate that brought me to her house to pick her up and Marie was the Choir directors middle name.

Submitted by Trina B.