Jeremiah – The story behind the baby name

I am the mother of a 2 year old boy and currently expecting my 2nd child, also a boy, in a couple of weeks. With my first son, I was adamant on not choosing a name based on popularity or how unique it can be, but rather choosing a name based on its meaning. And with my 2nd son, it was no different. Early in my 2nd pregnancy I remember listening to different preachers on the Christian radio station preach out of the book of Jeremiah. The bible verses they’d read filled me with such hope and reminded me of how faithful God is, that I knew I was going to name my son Jeremiah. A name that means May Jehovah exalt or Exalted of the Lord. I haven’t met my son yet, have no idea what his likes or dislikes will be, but with his name alone, I know God has a mighty plan and purpose for his life.

Submitted by Martha.