Names that are inspired by a city are popular these days.
Below, find the city names that were among the top 1000 baby names for 2005.

City Name State Sex Rank
Alexandria Virginia Female 133
Aurora Illinois Female 336
Austin Texas Male 37
Boston Massachusetts Male 680
Chandler Arizona Male 340
Charlotte North Carolina Female 135
Dallas Texas Male 366
Dayton Ohio Male 532
Elizabeth New Jersey Female 12
Eugene Oregon Male 639
Gilbert Arizona Male 594
Houston Texas Male 838
Irving Texas Male 976
Jackson Mississippi Male 44
Lincoln Nebraska Male 492
Madison Wisconsin Female 3
Norman Oklahoma Male 921
Orlando Florida Male 361
Phoenix Arizona Both NA
Savannah Georgia Female 35
Warren Michigan Male 552


Information was taken from the Social Security Administration and is based on the social security applications taken for that year.
A rank of 1 being the top rank.