Saad – A mother’s story behind the baby name

When I came to know about the good news of being pregnant I and my husband was very happy. We, most of the time talk and discuss about our baby. The period of pregnancy was really a good and special time for me as everyone in the home treats me like I was a princess. I and my husband were daily searching good names for our baby. Then during the search I noted few good names but you know what happened. Yes, the amazing part is that my baby’s name was announced by his grandfather. He was very excited and wants to keep “Saad” his name as I was going to give birth to a baby boy soon. I didn’t like the name much because the list I made does not include this name. But then for a while I taught that my child is not only dear to me but also to his grandparents and they also have a right to name him. Then I openheartedly said that to my father in law that Saad is a great name and I also like it. My husband was afraid that I will not agree on this name but then after my announcement and willingness he was also happy and looked at me with a lot of love and appreciation. That was the thing more important for me and my baby that everyone welcomes him with the happiness and love.

The baby name story for Saad was submitted by Naila L.

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