Submitted by Ghingher

My husband is Allen and one day our daughter mixed Allen and Daddy and came up with Dallen. He is 9 now and just heard it for the first time EVER for a little boy 3 years younger! His second name came from Allen’s Dad who died from breast cancer…Joseph

My daughter’s name both have the initials A.S.E. – we are unique in that we can make a little name/word with a vowel as your last name! My name is Ghingher and my husbands initials are A.L.E. – “Ghingher & ALE”. So I got into initials before we ever had kids!

Ashlynne Savannah E. and Annabelle Scotlin E are our girls names!

We are expecting a boy now and are working on the initials I.C.E. or A.C.E. –
Have fun making your baby names too! We have been asking for ideas from everywhere! I like unique, southern names!