Allana Rose

Submitted by Kayti L.

After the initial shock of finding out we were having a baby, my boyfriend and I began to think about what we should name our child. We thought of every name in the book. My boyfriend (Isaiah) was set on the name Octavious if it was a boy. Octavious?? Really? This was not going to happen if I could help it! Luckily, we found out we were having a girl. So we began to think about girl names more. We wanted something simple yet a not a name every other girl in school had. She is unique and we wanted her name to be unique. We would sit up at night just naming names. None seemed right. Finally, Isaiah said the name Allana. I had never heard anyone by that name and it seemed so simple and elegant. Finally we agreed on the first name. I asked Isaiah how he thought of the name-turns out it’s a character in a star wars book. Han Solo’s granddaughter I believe.

The middle name was a bit harder. We began to search all of the baby name websites in search of a name that went with Allana. Turns out it’s a hard name to match. We found one we liked-Nuri. Together Allana Nuri means Righteous Fire. We loved it. The only problem was that everyone else hated it and I suppose it began to wear us down. Then I thought, if Isaiah can name her after a character, I can give her a middle name based on a character. So we went with Rose. Rose is the main character on several Doctor Who episodes.

So we named our beautiful baby girl-Allana Rose.

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