Lawson Marley Prentice

Submitted by Heather T.

My son Dean was born nearly 10 years ago, and I said to his dad that if he was a boy he could name him. All the way through my pregnancy my ex said he was going to call the baby Dean Damian. How totally freaked was I? DAMIAN??? Satan’s child??? So I hoped the baby would be a girl. The happy day arrived and after 3 days of labor Dean finally came out. My mum was also present at the birth, and she was all ready to do the ” dum dum daaaaaa” when my ex said the baby’s name. Thank god he changed it at the last minute, My son is called Dean, but his middle name is Timothy, after my dead father.

Well, after all the drama of my first child’s name, I was slightly worried about what my partner would want to call our baby. After hours and hours of going through names we couldn’t agree on anything. Days later we agreed on 2 names, Lexi Skye for a girl, and Lawson Marley for a boy. I love both names! I had my 20 week scan last Thursday, unfortunately Lawrence, (my partner) couldn’t be there. But my son Dean and I got to say hello to Lawson Marley Prentice!