Hannah Rose – The baby naming story

When it came to names, Hannah was not mom’s first choice, but dad, dad was smitten with the name Hannah and in the end, could mom really say no? No, I could never deny the one person I love most in the world their favorite name. A name he had hoped to use for his first girl since he was a teenager. He called her Hannah when he spoke about her, no matter what name I threw out there. Therefore, mom chose her middle name, Rose. Rose is for all the hardships she has and will overcome. She arose from a bleak diagnosis at the beginning of conception and now she is going to be born! That is a feat she overcame all on her own! She is strong and she practices her ninja moves in moms tummy everyday. We all expect her to be so special and the rest of the family cannot wait yo meet her! We will be blessed by this little light’s birth and this name story could not have described her better. Thank you for taking the time to make a beautiful story about her name. We appreciate it! May she be the light the Lord wills her to be!

The baby name story for Hannah Rose was submitted by Shae A.

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