Brooklynne Rae – A mom’s story behind the baby name

Before we even got pregnant, me and my husband were coming up with baby names. It was supposed to be a joke, as we were still in the “planning” phase of having a baby. Well, in the midst of searching through names, we saw “Brooklyn.” Immediately, I wasn’t a fan. I live in the south, why would I name my baby Brooklyn? Well, in the midst of talking about it, it hit me. My maiden name, which has now become my middle name, is Brooks. My father had always wanted to name me “Brooke,” but to save me the years of taunting for having such a name, he decided against it. My mothers middle name, and one of my twin sisters middle names, happens to be “Lynne.” It’s also spelled as such at the end of my grandmothers first name, “Madelynne.” It was perfect! To recognize my other twin sister in the name, her middle name being “Rae,” has now become our baby girls middle name. It’s been decided ever since. Our first girl would be Brooklynne Rae.

Submitted By A. Wood.