Baby Name Name Origin Name Meaning
Salisbury Anglo Saxon DryTown
Samson, Sam Hebrew Bright as the Sun
Samuel Hebrew God has heard, name of God
Sanborn Old English Residence Name
Sanders Greek Helper of Mankind
Sanford Old English From the Sandy Ford
Sanjaya Sanskrit (India) Impartial Introspection, Victory over judging self. Sanjaya Malakar, American Idol Singer. There is some controversy about the meaning of this name at this time.
Santos Spanish Of the Saints
Sargent Old French, Latin Occupation Name
Saul Hebrew Longed For
Sawyer Middle English Wood Cutter
Schuyler Dutch A Shelter
Scott Old English From Scotland
Sean, Shaun, Shawn Irish Gaelic Form of John, God’s gracious gift
Sebastian Greek Majestic
Selby Teutonic Residence Name
Serge **** Variant of Sergius
Serle Teutonic Armed
Seth Hebrew Placed, Appointed
Seymour French, Latin Moorish Saint
Shamus, Seamus Irish Form of James
Shaw Old English Residence Name
Shelby Anglo Saxon Residence Name
Sheldon Anglo Saxon Residence Name
Sherard Anglo Saxon Of Splendid Valor
Sheridan Celtic The Wild Man
Sherlock Old English Fair-Haired
Sherman Old English Occupation Name
Sherwin Anglo Saxon Eminent in Friendship
Sherwood Old English From the Bright Forest
Shiloh Hebrew His Gift, Peaceful, Tranquil, Unisex name
Sidney **** City Name
Sigmund Teutonic Victorious Protection
Silas Latin Man of the Forest
Silvester Latin Forest Dweller
Simon Hebrew He who has Heard
Sinclair Latin The Illustrious
Sloane Celtic Warrior
Sol Latin The Sun
Solomon Hebrew Peaceful, Peace
Spencer English Steward
Stacy Latin Dependable
Standish Old English Residence Name
Stanford Old English Residence Name
Stanislaus Slavonic Glory of the Camp
Stanley, Stan English Stony Field
Stanway Old English Residence Name
Stedman Anglo Saxon Residence Name
Stephen, Stephan, Steven Greek Crown
Sterling English High Quality
Stewart, Stuart Anglo Saxon A Steward
Sumner Old French, Latin A Summoner
Sutton Old English Residence Name
Swain Teutonic Youthful