Baby Name Name Origin Name Meaning
Bailey French Bailiff
Baird Celtic Bard or Minstrel
Baldwin Teutonic Princely Friend
Barack African Blessed
Barclay Old English Meadow of Birch Trees
Barnabas, Barnaby Hebrew Son of Prophecy
Baron Old English Nobleman
Barrett Teutonic Bear-Like
Barry Celtic Marksman
Bartholomew Aramaic Warlike
Basil Greek Kingly
Baxter Old English Baker
Bayard English With Red-Brown Hair
Beau French Handsome, Beautiful
Belden,Beldon English Beautiful Valley
Benedict Latin Blessed
Benjamin Hebrew Son of Right Hand
Benton Old English Moor Dweller
Bernard Germanic Stern Bear
Bert English Bright
Berton Teutonic Glorious Raven
Berwin Teutonic Warrior Friend
Bevan Welsh Son of Evan
Bevis Teutonic Bowman
Birch English Birch Tree
Bjorn Scandinavian Bear
Blaine Celtic Lean or Thin
Blair Gaelic Plain, Field
Blake Old English Fair Complexioned
Blandon Latin Gentle
Blue English The Color
Bond English Farmer, Man of the Land
Booth Teutonic From the Booth
Boris Slavonic Warrior
Boston English City in Massachusetts
Bowen Celtic Son of Owen
Bowie Gaelic Yellow Haired One
Boyce French Forest, Woodland Dweller
Boyd, Boyden Celtic Yellow-Haired
Bradan Irish From the word Salmon
Bradley English From the Broad Meadow
Bran Welsh Raven
Brandon Anglo Saxon Quick Sword
Brant, Brannt English Proud
Braxton English Brock’s Town
Brenden, Brendan, Brendon Irish Little
A Raven
Brent Old English From the Steep Hill
Bret French Native of Brittany
Brewster English Brewer
Brian Celtic Strong, Honorable
Brice Celtic Great Ambition
Brigham Old English Dweller by the Bridge
Brinley English Burnt Meadow
Brock Old English The Badger
Broderick Welsh Son of Roderick
Brooke Anglo Saxon A stream
Brown English The Color
Bruce French Brushwood
Bruno, Brun German, Italian Brown
Bryant Celtic Strong
Buck English Male Deer
Bud Anglo Saxon Messenger
Burgess Teutonic Citizen of a Town
Burke Teutonic Castle
Burton Old English Fortress
Byrd English Like a Bird
Byron Anglo Saxon Bear