Baby Name Name Origin Name Meaning
Macauley Scottish Righteous
Mackenzie Gaelic Son of Wise Ruler
Macnair Gaelic Son of the Heir
Maddox Celtic Beneficient
Madison Old English Son of Soldier, City in Wisconsin
Magnus Latin Great
Malcolm Scottish Royal Blood
Malvin Celtic Servant
Manfred German Man of Peace
Manuel Hebrew God with Us
Marcus Latin Warlike
Mario, Marius Italian Form of Marius
Mark, Marc **** Variant of Marcus
Marland Old English Residence Name
Marlon Old French Falcon
Marshal Old English Horse Groomer
Martin Latin Warlike
Marvin English Sea
Mason French Brick Builder, one who works with stone
Matthew Hebrew Gift of the Lord
Maurice Latin Dark Skin
Max, Maxwell Latin Great, Max is the first name of Christina Aguilera and
Jordan Bratman’s son, See Liron
as the middle name
Maximiano Portuguese, Spanish, Latin Son of Maximus, Rumored to be the formal first name for the son of Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony. Max for short.
Maximus Latin The Greatest
Medwin Teutonic Powerful Friend
Melville **** Form of Malvin
Melvin, Melvyn Irish, Gaelic Possibly Means Gentle Chief
Mercer French, Latin Merchant
Merlin Old French, Latin Bird
Merrill Teutonic Famous
Merrick Teutonic Industrious
Michael Hebrew Who is Like God
Milburn Old English Residence Name
Miles Latin Soldier
Miller English A miller, Grinder of grain
Milton Old English From the Mill Farmstead
Mitchell **** Variant of Michael
Monroe Scottish A Wheeler
Montague Latin Residence Name
Montgomery Latin Mountain
Morgan Gaelic From the Sea’s Edge
Morris Latin Moorish
Morton Old English From the Farm or Moor
Morven Celtic Mariner
Moses Bible Name Bible Name
Murdock Celtic Prosperous Seaman
Murphy Irish Warrior of the Sea
Murray Celtic Seaman
Myer Latin Great