Popular Baby Names 2000

Are you curious what the most popular baby names 2000 were?

From Jacob and Emily to Alexander and Victoria, you can find out below what the most popular names were.

Top 20 Popular Baby Names 2000
Rank Boy’s Names Girl’s Names
1 Jacob Emily
2 Michael Hannah
3 Matthew Madison
4 Joshua Ashley
5 Christopher Sarah
6 Nicholas Alexis
7 Andrew Samantha
8 Joseph Jessica
9 Daniel Elizabeth
10 Tyler Taylor
11 William Lauren
12 Brandon Alyssa
13 Ryan Kayla
14 John Abigail
15 Zachary Brianna
16 David Olivia
17 Anthony Emma
18 James Megan
19 Justin Grace
20 Alexander Victoria

Information about popular baby names 2000 was taken from the Social Security Administration and is based on the social security applications taken for that year. A rank of 1 being the top rank.

Popular Baby Names 2000
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Popular Baby Names 2000
The most popular baby names in 2007 for boys and girls. From Jacob and Emily to Alexander and Victoria, and everything in between.
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