Baby Name Name Meaning
Abigail Source of Joy
Agatha Good
Agnes Pure
Anastasia Resurrection
Anna, Anne From the Hebrew Hanna, Grace
Athalia The Lord is Mighty
Azubah Forsaken
Bathsheba Daughter of Sheba, A Pledge
Catherine Pure
Christiana Female form of Christian
Dina Judgement
Donna Originating from Madonna
Edna Pleasure
Emma Healer
Evangeline Good Tidings
Eve Life
Faith Belief, Trust in God
Felicity Happiness
Grace Grace
Hannah Graceful
Hope A virtue
Joanna God is Gracious
Joy Pleasure
Joyce Lord
Judith Praised
Leah Weary
Lucia Light
Madonna Our Lady
Mara Sorrowful
Margaret Jewel
Mary Sea of Bitterness
Rachel Sheep
Rebecca Faithful One, Bound
Regina Queen
Sara, Sarah Princess
Susan Kinship
Sylvia Lumber
Theresa ??
Vera Truth
Veronica Genuine Image
Zoe Life

Biblical Boys Names

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