Baby Name Name Origin Name Meaning
Wanda Slavic Vandal
Wanda German Wanderer
Wednesday English 4th Day of the Week
Wenda Teutonic Wanderer
Wendy **** From Peter Pan
Wenona American Indian First Born Daughter
Whitney English White Island
Wilda German Untamed
Wilhelmina German Determined Resolute Protector, Desire to Protect, Combination of Will and Helmet
Willa Anglo Saxon The Desired
Willette Teutonic Resolute Protector
Willow English Symbol of Healing, Willow Tree
Wilona Old English Desired
Winifred Teutonic Friend of Peace
Winona Native American First Born
Winter English A Season, Middle name for daughter of Nicole Richie and Joel Madden, See Kate and Harlow
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Wisdom English Wisdom, Virtue Name
Wynne Celtic Light Complexioned