Baby Name Name Meaning
Adrienne Rich
Aphrodite, Afrodite Goddess of Love & Beauty
Agnes Pure
Alcina Strong Minded
Alecia, Alesia Form of Alicia
Alexandra Defender of Mankind
Alexis Form of Alexandra
Alice Truthful
Alethea Truth
Althea Wholesome
Anastasia Resurrection
Angela Angel, Messenger
Athena Wise
Bernice Bringer of Victory
Callista Most Beautiful
Candace, Candice Glittering White
Cassandra (and all other spellings) Helper of Men
Cassiopeia Clever
(and all other spellings)
Charis Grace, kindness, and life
Chloe Blooming
Christina Anointed
Clarissa Brilliant
Danae From Greek Mythology
Daphne Laurel Tree
Daria Wealthy
Demi, Demetria Cover of the Earth
Doris, Dorian, Doria Sea
Dorothy Gift of God
Drew Courageous
Ebony Hard, Dark Wood
Eleanor, Ella Light
Esmeralda Form of Emerald
Eva, Evangelina Bearer of Good News
Georgia Farmer
Hilary, Hillary Cheerful
Ianthe Violet Colored Flower
Idola Idolized, Vision
Iola Dawn
Iona Violet Flower
Irene Peaceful
Iris Rainbow
Isadora Gift of Isis

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