Aurora Myron – A Baby Naming Story

Our second daughter’s name came fairly easy. We wanted to keep the tradition of middle names being family-related so we had Myron on the backburner for quite some time. (It was my father’s name.) For her first name we wanted something just as unique as out first daughter Vaudene, but sounded a bit magical as well. We went through name after name until one day we were watching the classic Disney princess movies with our daughter. We went through Cinderella, The Little Mermaid, and finally Sleeping Beauty came on. Vaudene made the suggestion that we name her unborn baby sister Aurora just like the princess. We laughed it off at first.

As time passed and I became closer to having the baby, Vaudene kept suggesting that we name her Aurora and even started telling people it was her unborn sister’s name. Well, I guess it just clicked with the rest of us and we realized it was a very beautiful name for a very beautiful baby. Thus, Aurora Myron was born. While some people are familiar with the Disney princess many are surprisingly not, so it makes for a good story when we have to explain her name to others. I guess you could say she’s our little princess.

Submitted by Morgan S.