Lucas Samuel – A mom’s tribute to Star Wars

Lucas was chosen in tribute to Star Wars… both to the creator George Lucas and the character Luke Skywalker. The day that my fiance and I met, he walked me to my vehicle. Once there, he noticed that I had Star War stickers on the back of my vehicle. Turned out that he was a HUGE Star Wars fan as I am as well. I do believe he decided I was the one at that moment! Both our families have made jokes about our nerdy love of the movie franchise since that time and when we announced his name, lets just say it was to their great amusement. Within 5 minutes of our son’s birth, my fiance looked at him with as straight a face as possible and said “Luke, I am your father”. The whole room cracked up! Samuel was chosen to honor my fiance’s father that had passed away the year before we got pregnant. It was his middle name as well.

Submitted by Stephany K.