Brett – the story behind the baby name

When I found out that I was having a baby, I was in shock. My doctor said it would be very difficult for me to have a child because of medical reasons. But at the age of 37, me and my sweetheart were as happy as two starving birds who suddenly found a loaf of bread. After the initial shock had worn off we wanted to find a name for our baby. The joyous, dad-to-be, was completely content with me presenting names for him to choose from and so was I. I began to search and daydream about possible names. Then I remembered how much I loved Biblical names. Unfortunately, my list of possible names grew longer and longer.

So, me and my sweetheart sat down for quite a few days trying to decide on a name for our soon to arrive bundle of joy. It wasn’t an easy task! Finally, I decided to ask my dear Mom, who was alive at the time for advice. She chuckled when I told her funny stories about our harrowing “baby naming adventures”. She was very helpful because she reminded me that my brother was named after my dad and woman in our family were named after loved ones. My husband and I, loved the idea. If we had a boy, we would name him “Brett “. If we had a girl we would name her “Lloyda” after my Mom.

I’m very proud to say: I gave birth to a healthy, pleasant, cute little baby boy and we named him “Brett” after his dad.

Submitted by Marlene T.