Johnny Adrian – The story behind the baby name

The end of the summer was approaching and it was nearing Labor day weekend. Me and my girls usually would be at the beach but here I was pregnant in summer. It was over ninety degrees and I was very moody all I wanted to do was eat some ice cream and stay in the shade I did not want to be around anybody family or not. One of my family members recognized my and called me out for my actions towards one of my elders. I tried with everything to maintain my cool but I most definitely in my calmest voice said Get out of my face before I catch a case.

My mother was there to intervene and brought me back down to my senses after a one on one and some good ole bible talk. I tried to ignore it and just let it go in one ear and out the other but one thing stuck out. She said sit your Johnny Apple Seed tail down before I sit you down. Now I dont know why that phrase has so much power in my household growing up but I knew one thing I had to find this Johnny person. And what cut the cake was when my baby boy was born and his head wasnt rounded yet, my mother said look at his Johnny apple seed head. So I named my baby boy Johnny Adrian on December 12, 2007

Submitted By Yandy T.