Samara, Ziona, and Alana Jeanette

Submitted by Shawnisha S.

When I was pregnant with my first daughter I was having vivid dreams of how she would look and what she would be like and in one of the dreams I remember calling her and she running to me and that’s how the name Samara was born it fit who she was from the moment I got pregnant to after I had her and she is an amazing little girl.

With my second daughter I wasn’t sure what to name her because she was crazy and all over the place and she moved so much I had trouble breathing with her I randomly through out names for a month till finally I went through the back of my bible and saw Mt Ziona I added an a and came up with Ziona and I started talking to her while she was in my womb so every time I would say the name she would move and react extremely excited whenever I would call her and now her name reflects her rambunctious personality to the tee.

For my third daughter who I am currently pregnant with now I chose the name Alana Jeanette I chose her middle name because I recently lost my grandma the day after I found out I was pregnant and the first name came along just in a dream that night I was crying it was sad to lose someone so close to me but I am blessed by this baby.

All the names I’ve chosen for my girls all mean the world to me and like the mom that I am I somehow just knew it would fit their individual and growing personality.