Millie Lynn or Robin Millie – A Naming Story

My great grandmother’s maiden name was Milligan. My grandmother wanted to name my mom Milligan but ended up naming her Andrea. My grandmother wanted my mom to name me Milligan but she ended up naming me Kanaan, after someone she went to school with. I have finally decided to carry the name on but not Milligan, I am just going to shorten it to Millie because I think its cuter. Her name will either be Millie Lynn Cheeley (Lynn is my grandmother and mothers name) or Robin Millie Cheely (after my boyfriends mother who passed away last year. I think the name is super cute. Ususally the name is OMilligan (as a last name) but Millie can also be derived from Mildred or Millicen (which is really cute too). In those terms, Mildred means “gentle strength”.

Submitted by Kanaan D.