Peter Eugene – A mother’s baby naming story

My husband and I didn’t put much thought into naming our baby. We weren’t planning to find out the sex until birth, so I wanted to wait until the baby was born to pick out a name. That’s what we told everyone, anyway. About two months before the due date, I asked my husband what he thought about the name Peter if it was a boy. I felt pretty strongly that it would be a boy, and my husband would go all Henry VIII on me if it wasn’t, so we didn’t discuss girls’ names. Peter is an old name in my husband’s family, as well as his confirmation name, and his father’s middle name. He liked the idea, and decided he’d want the initials to spell a word.

I suggested Eugene as the middle name, because it’s my father’s middle name. That way, the baby would have both of his grandfathers’ middle names. With the last initial an “N,” that would make his initials PEN. We also wanted a middle name that the baby wouldn’t necessarily like very much, as my father always hated his middle name. It seems to be a trend where we live for young teenagers to start using their middle names, and we didn’t want that for our baby. So we figured if we gave him a hideous middle name, he wouldn’t want to use it later! When our son was born, we didn’t decide on the name right away…it’s strange to just name a baby when you haven’t been used to calling it anything! The next day, we decided to go for it and finally told everyone. My dad wasn’t thrilled, but laughed when we told him the reason. My husband’s parents were also pleased.

Submitted by Rachel N.