Joseph Steven

Submitted by Tracy

My husband and I were expecting our second child! After complications and 4 ultrasounds we were told we were having a girl! We decided on Maylee Ann Marie taking all the women in my life’s middle name to create, but I had my doubts, so one day as my husband and I were getting ready for bed we decided to toss around boy names – just in case. The next morning I was due for yet another ultrasound. Our son was named after his father who is named after his father Mathew (yes only one T) John. so all I really knew is that if we were to have another boy he would have my dad’s middle name – Steven. We were going through family names and middle names and came up with nothing!
That night I had a dream I had three girls! And my husband said but I really wanted a son, and the 2nd little girl pulled of a wig and said “I am a boy and my name is Joey”. I woke up and woke my husband up and told him we are having a boy and we have to name him Joey and he said it worked for him! At the ultrasound we discovered indeed we were having another boy. Joseph Steven joined big brother Mathew in January 09.