Isaiah Christian – The story behind the name

When I was growing up, my brother and I were inseparable. At only 13 months apart, we were growing, learning, and experiencing life together. We had the same friends, the same classes, the same style, and even would tend to date the same women from time to time. I would have never thought, in my wildest dreams, that I would one day, have to say goodbye.

New Year’s Eve was always a fun time for us, as we would enjoy the company of friends and family and of course, the festivities. One New Years Eve changed everything. My brother was in a fatal car accident that took his life, along with a good friend of mine, whom I had graduated High School with. It was horrific to say the least. I vowed that day, to always honor my brother in any and every way possible.

Four years later, I was blessed with a healthy, beautiful baby boy. His mother, whom knew of the devastation that stunned my family, gave me the honor of naming my first born son. “You deserve the right to name him.” It was rather simple and took but 10 seconds to name him. Isaiah Christian. My brothers Conformation name through the church (Isaiah) and my brothers middle name (Christian). It was perfect! My son will grow up knowing his name is honorable. His name means more than just a few letters put together. My brothers life will continue through him. He will never be forgotten.

Submitted by Seth W.