Damien Holland – Baby Naming Story

When my boyfriend and I found out we were pregnant, we were instantly looking through every baby name book we could get our hands on! We were just so excited. We actually bought 3 different books. We went through each one and wrote down the names we both liked. We came up with a few that we liked, some were just for fun. Maximus Steel was one of them haha. When we found out we were having a boy for sure, everything became more realistic though. It made us realize just how important a name is. We knew our son was going to be the most precious thing to both of us and that we needed to come up with the best name possible. I told my boyfriend that it would me the world to me for our son to share my great grandfathers middle name, Holland. My great grandfather and I were very close and I knew it would have meant the world to him as well. I wanted our son to grow up to have good morals, respect, and manners like my great grandfather had. I did not care what the first name would be as long as he would have the middle name Holland. My boyfriend said I could pick the first letter of the first name and we could go from there. I always liked the letter D and so he chose the name Damien. We looked it up and found out the origin of the name is Greek and that it means to tame or subdue. I think of the Greeks being strong and powerful people and I liked the meaning of the name. I wanted to know that my son could take care of himself and hold his own, so to say. So we decided that Damien Holland would be our baby boys name. When we told everyone, they had a fit!! About how could we name our son after the Omen and so on. It really angered me that people would say our son would be evil because of a character off of a movie. Hollywood has used many common names in horror movies. However, I do not hear such grief when people choose to name their children things like Carrie, Chucky, Emily or Freddy. Needless to say, we kept the name Damien Holland for our son.

Submitted by Samantha Y.