Amaris – A mother’s naming story

The father of my unborn child happens to be my ex husband as well. After getting back together, and both of us wanting a child and more specifically a daughter, we finally decided to try to get pregnant. Months went by and we thought something could have been wrong with one of us and I began to feel discouraged. After finally getting “Pregnant” on the digital test I was shocked but happy it finally happened. We were both looking forward to finding out if we were getting to be parents to a baby girl. Just days before finding out the gender, me and my boyfriend split. It was bittersweet, as I didn’t want to do this alone but I was still excited to know about our unborn child. After many anxious months we found out during the ultrasound its a girl!!! Excited about the news and now knew my prayers were answered with not only a precious baby on the way but also a girl.

Looking for names we knew it would have to be unique. Browsing through different sites and lists I searched names and their meaning. When I came across Amaris I knew it was at least unique. When I read it meant “Given by God” I couldn’t have decided any quicker that it was perfect. I told the baby’s father and he quickly agreed too. He has a son with someone else and his son is 8 now so he was yearning for a little girl. We can’t wait for our baby girl who was given to us by God. Regardless of what comes in our future she will always be our blessing to both of us for our own reasons. We love you Amaris.

Submitted by Gloria M.