Sir Pablo – The baby name story behind the name

I became pregnant at the age of 19 and did not expect all of what I encountered my first pregnancy and swore it would be a one time thing. I was in my first trimester and had to do extensive hours just to make ends meet. I was still with the father of my child at the time but we was not seeing eye to eye at all. And still to this day I believe he intentionally got me pregnant thinking that would keep me and him together. My due date wasn’t till October but here I was in the humid weather using public transportation to get me to and from work and to all my scheduled doctor appointments. One august day I swore it seemed one hundred and fifty degrees outside and I had morning sickness all day. I started to just call out and stay home but I didn’t want to look in my child’s father face for eight hours and somehow I managed to make it to work that day. About two hours into work our building had a fire drill which was standard protocol but this one particular instance I was on the eighteenth floor and had to walk all the way downstairs just to evacuate the building. All I remember is waking up in the hospital while going thru surgery. I missed step, and fell down about 6-8 steps, broke my ankle and bruised my ribs leaving the doctors with no choice but a earlier delivery. My child was born two months early with no injuries and that was surely a blessing. I was told the maintenance guy picked me up and carried me down the remaining flights of steps as if it was a real fire. So when I was able to go back to work I asked him if he would be the GOD father and told him I named him Sir PABLO as my gratitude for him.

Submitted by Charmaine M.