Allyonna Gabrielle – A mother’s baby name story

I created my daughters first name myself after lots of thought, hours of research and vast amounts of mental exhaustion. LOL! The first part, “Ally” , as I’m sure you know, has several origins, but I went with the American origin which means “of noble birth”. The second part, “onna” is Japanese in origin and means “woman”. So the meaning of Allyonna is “woman of noble birth”. 😉 I thought it sounded lovely, was unique (but not overly so) and had rather strong meaning.

Her middle name, “Gabrielle” is a name that I have always favored. It just sounds beautiful to me and it worked well with what I had chosen for her first name. It also has different origins and meanings but I went with the Hebrew origin which means “God gives strength”

So her name “Allyonna Gabrielle” is of American and Hebrew origin and means “A woman of noble birth whom God gives strength.” I have gotten many comments from people who really expressed that they like the name. I love it and I hope she does as well when she is old enough to appreciate it. Right now she is my youngest who’s just age 3. LOL!

I have 5 children total, all of whom it took me many hours to name them. 😉

Submitted by Tammy C.