Ashanti – A mother’s story behind the baby name

Trying to come up with Ashyia name was a complex process for me and and my husband, Martin. After their daughter was born, the couple had a 30-day deadline to submit birth registration forms and “we actually named her on the last possible day,” After constantly checking out the usual baby name websites and books, I managed to turn my attention to the closing credits at the end of films and television shows, hoping that a unique and original name would jump out at her. Me and hubby then each compiled a list of their favorite names and quickly eliminated those that didn’t please them both. But one name stood out for them was Ashanti……..It means ‘most beautiful,. Appreciating both its meaning and its ease of pronunciation, me and my husband finally agreed on Ashanti name. She was one of the most easiest deliveries that I experience even though I had to get a cesarean. I was too weak to breast feed her as I did my two previous children and that really crushed my heart. Nevertheless 23 years later My Ashanti has grown into a very succesful young woman and a proud mother of two making me a grandmother a lot earlier than I expected.

Submitted by S. Perry