Damien, Alyssa, Jeremy Joseph, and Kayden Christopher

My first child, I was 17 and I was sure he was going to be as bad as I was so I named him Damien for his first name and I gave him his biological father’s name as the middle name. I was wrong, he was my sweetest baby and I wish he had not been given his sperm donor’s name as a middle name because he now tries to lie like the guy. With my second child, my husband (not the same man as the first child) made me go through this silly book of personalities associated with the name to pick her name. Alyssa; it means princess and true to the meaning she really is one. My third child got his name after my husband’s best friend; whom, god rest his soul, killed himself in a drunk driving accident. The friend was Jerimiah J. or JJ, we named the baby Jeremy Joseph. This one had a lot of special meaning to my husband because if it were not for losing JJ, husband would still be an alcoholic. Now we are pregnant with our fourth and final child, Kayden Christopher. I had to find a 6 letter name for the first name because it would not match the rest of my children’s names and the middle name is again a memorial name, my cousin met an untimely death and he was my favorite cousin, so I took his name and gave it to the new baby.

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