Chancie Maurice – A mother’s story on how the name came about

Back in the 1940s there was a soap opera on where one of the characters had the name of Chauncey. Seems credible, right? I thought so, especially when my best friend told me that this was how her father got the name of Chancie, a variant of Chauncey. When she was pregnant, her and her husband discussed how he’d be most interested to have a junior. After much discussion, and ironically a few Lifetime movies, the thought of a junior was not so intriguing. Her argument was that she wanted her son’s name to be unique. It wasn’t too long before the birth of her son, that her father passed away.

The elder Chancie had been ill for most of my friend’s childhood, and with her having a very close relationship to him, she wanted to honor his memory. She didn’t arrive at her son’s name until after the birth when she’d took a good look into his eyes. It was during visitation at the hospital after the baby had been all cleaned up and family could visit that I got to talk to her. While breastfeeding, she mentioned to me that he had her father’s eyes. “So what’s his name?” I asked. She hesitated, and for a minute I couldn’t believe that she hadn’t named her son. She looked at him one more time and then looked up at me with conviction and said “Chancie…Chancie Maurice is his name. Kinda looks like my dad, right?” I nodded and smiled.

Submitted By Angela.