Aiden Ryleigh

Submitted by Bianca.

I’m mommy Bianca from the Philippines and I would like to share the story behind my baby’s name. When I was in college, I used to read pocketbooks and there I discovered the name ‘Aidan’. I like Aidan’s character description in the novel I’ve been reading: he is gentleman, sweet, loving and brave enough to protect his loved ones; so I told myself that when I give birth in the future I would name my baby after him. Then came 2009 when I discovered that I was pregnant. I quickly look for the meaning of Aidan from the internet and found out it means ‘little fire’. My baby was so active when he was still in my tummy and every time I got angry, he would move inside. So I thought that the name Aidan fits him; getting heat up when mommy was angry. Then I came across with the name ‘Ryleigh’ which means ‘Island meadows’; I thought that it would mean the peaceful side of my baby when he was happy in my womb. I decided to combine the name Aidan with Ryleigh symbolizing bravery and peaceful side of my baby. And now that he’s almost two I could see that he is both brave and well-behaved. I’m so happy with his name and his behavior and the more I see him, the more I love him.