Derrick – Baby Naming Story

After leaving the hospital for a annually checkup I did not think I would receive news about me being pregnant. I had no choice but to present my husband with the news. We already had a couple of kids so we were most definitely used to the pregnancy procedure. We still had a lot of baby items so this time around it was much more cost efficient and we had extras left over from our last daughter baby shower people brought baby boy items and we were expecting a boy at this point.

With less than thirty days to my due date believe it or not we had no for sure names. My husband wanted to go with a junior but I could not agree with a Wilburn. My mom suggested me used my father name who had just recently passed but I was still kind of sentimental and did not want to name my son a older name like Jasper. I was scheduled to have a induced labor on July 4th 1979 and instead I found myself on route 66 headed back to the Washington D.C. area more than 2 hours late. I was not experiencing any complications and knew I was more than overdue to have this baby I could not wait any longer. So I dared my husband to go on the wrong side of the street to avoid the traffic and he did. We were at the hospital within 15 min and I was immediately admitted in the hospital and after a cesarean came Derrick. We chose that name because I dared him and it worked.

Submitted by Trina B.