Thomas Levi

Submitted by Shameka H.

My husband and I got married November 11, 2011. A few months before our wedding we met at the Starbucks in my town to have our favorites. Eventually we found ourselves discussing our family history, going back as far as we were able. After going down the lines of family separations, adoptions, and landowners, my husband named some great greats on his side, Levi and Elizabeth. I immediately smiled as their names struck me as pleasant. “Miriam Elizabeth,” I believe my husband said first. Miriam is my mother’s name and I had once imagined I would name a daughter after her. Then I chimed in, “Thomas Levi,” Thomas being my father’s named which I’ve always wanted to use.
We agreed immediately that would be the names we used for our children. Years previously I had always known I would use other names, ranging from Sarah to Zoey, to whomever Jr. But with the joining of our two lives, these were definitely names we both agreed upon. The funny part is we had no idea that these names would come in handy much sooner than expected. It turns out we got pregnant on our honeymoon! In the works is our first son together, Thomas Levi Smith, who is due August 15, 2012. My father couldn’t be more thrilled.