Abraham – A mother’s baby naming story

Me and my husband I didn’t have a preference about what sex my first baby would be, I was so happy to have a son first because I knew what a safe and comforting thing it was to have an older brother. We knew we wanted a name for you that would reflect the combination of strength and gentleness we hoped you would have, and “Abraham” was a name I had loved for years because of those very qualities. It brought to mind both confidence and humility. These qualities were found in the Biblical Abraham, of course. Abraham reminds us of promises, and of total devotion and submission to God. He laid a strong foundation for those who followed him in the covenant just as we hoped you, as oldest, would help us set the tone for a family culture of love and support for your siblings. We also liked the association with Abraham , our 16th president and courageous man. He had a great deal of integrity and is worth remembering. We hoped that our first son namesakes would inspire you to a life of integrity; to desire to follow God’s will, and no matter your circumstances to always see, enjoy, and marvel at the beauty in the world around you.

Submitted by S. Perry