Jonavan & Juliana Jade

Submitted by Jessica H.

I have an almost 5 year old son! When I named him I wanted to name him something different and I also wanted to incorporate the first letter “J”. Myself and my fiancé’s name starts with J. We decided on Jonavan! It was so different, or so I thought. The day after I gave birth the nurse told me someone else 2 weeks before had named their son that! Not to mention the town we lived in was super, super small! A year later, I hear a lady in walmart saying Jonavan something. I had to ask her how old he was, and sure enough it was the little boy the nurse told me about!!

Fast forward to my new baby girl ( born May 15, 2013- having both kids born on the “15th day of the month”). She was overdue, ended up pottying in me and her heart rate flatlined and I was rushed in for an emergency c section! She had her cord around her neck 3 times. The doctor said, “she’s gonna love necklaces the way she had them wrapped.” I had picked out some girl J names before hand, but for some reason when she was born and I heard her cry. I knew what her name should be. Juliana Jade! The moment I laid eyes on her, and her crazy full head of hair, I fell in love.