Eleanor Sha’re

Submitted by Tonia J. My husband and I had a pretty easy time picking out our baby’s name. I’ve been thinking about baby names for years like most girly girls. I shared the names with him and he liked Eleanor Sha’re. He liked Eleanor because it was the name of that one car in the movie Gone in 60 Seconds. We both enjoy watching Stargate and Sha’re is the name of one of the character’s wives. Unfortunately we had a horrible time agreeing on a boy’s name and were unsure clear up to birth. We were very relieved when our baby turned out to be a girl. We did make the mistake of sharing our name picks before she was born, so now there is an Ella on one side of the family and an Ellie on the other in addition to our Eleanor. With those nicknames taken we had to become more creative. One day, while I was checking product recalls to make sure everything we had would be safe for the baby, I stumbled on a company called Ellaroo. I thought it was the cutest thing, so that is her nickname.