Rocko – the story behind the name

It was very apparent that during my previous pregnancy my relationship would not last at it seemed as though at times my husband was too comfortable with just living off of me. So I made it my business to get out and venture in hopes of finding the man that would recognize my worth and be able to be my equal. I had no intentions on getting pregnant any time soon, I had a lot on my plate between work, my baby and online classes. Spring Break was approaching and I was so overdue for a vacation of some sort. I even kept hinting to my ex and he constantly made excuses so with careful planning and help from Expedia me and my a couple friends made our way to Mexico for 6 days of awesomeness. It was a cruise trip with plenty of destinations to visit en route. It seemed as though everybody except my group was there as a couple. Upon entering Los Cabos, one of the most sincere gentleman came over to accompany me as I ate brunch. He was very respectful and we exchanged forms of communication and he later came to see me in the states and swept me off my feet. His body was sculpted to perfection and every muscle was hard as a rock literally. Within 1 year time we became married and last year we gave birth to a beautiful son named ROCKO highly suggested by me.

Charmaine M.