Ralph Lemanz – A mother’s story behind the baby name she chose

As I was sitting at home nine months pregnant on bed rest, feet swollen, mad at the world, eating pickles out of the jar and ice cream on top of my waffles I had to still fulfill my habit of shopping. I was and avid mall shopper up until I was about 7 months so I began to take advantage of the internet shopping experience. I instantly gravitated to any promo code that was available and fell in love with anything that gave me free shipping and free gifts.

One day while browsing online I ran across a sales promotion from a leading department store and already had a store credit with them so I decided to see what if anything I could grab before my husband got the next credit card statement in the mail. I stumbled upon a Bedding set made by Ralph Lauren that was so comfortable that I resquested it be used in my labor and delivery room. I instanty became a dedicated supporter of the brand so much I named Ralph Lemanz on behalf of the quality alone. I was fortunate on securing sponsorships and products for the admiration and gratitude we have expressed from supporters, fans, family and friends all across the world.

Submitted By Yandy T.