Maycee Ross-Marie Mayer – The story behind the name

It is one of those stories of naming a baby that you might just say wow really. It all came about when my boyfriend and I were living with my cousin. She bought me a pregnancy test because she said she just knew I was pregnant. I was telling her she was full of it. Well I took that test that night and it was confirmed I was going to become a mommy. I told her daddy through text and a picture of the pregnancy test. He was excited. I was scared excited and all emotions wrapped up in one. I then let my family know including my father, who is my best friend. He asked if I was ready and I said yes I was ready to be a mommy.

The next thing we know we are going to doctors to confirm the pregnancy and this was Nov. 5th, 2010 at 10:00am in the morning. This date is so important to me because not only is this the day that it was confirmed I was going to be a mommy soon, it also was confirmed the day that my beloved best friend, my father had passed away. My pregnancy began as an up and down rollercoaster. We knew if we were having a boy we were naming him Brody but if we were having a girl we were naming her Maycee. It was agreed upon that I would pick girls name and he would pick boys name and we both loved both names. The next part is I knew I wanted to give the baby my dads middle name in memory of him. Well we found out we were having a girl and I was so excited. As we were talking about names we decided that our daughters full name would be Maycee Ross Mayer, and just so happened to be the same initials as my father. Well there was one other thing, my daughters fathers sister had passed away when she was 16 so we decided we would give our daughter two middle names and name her after two great people that she will never have chance of meeting. Our daughters full name is Maycee Ross-Marie Mayer.

Submitted by Maycees Momma.