(or those who want to be!)

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Are you one of the many mothers that are looking for a way to stay at home with your children? Or are you already an at-home mother who wants to bring in extra income to your household? No matter what your financial goals are, an AmeriPlan® home business can help you achieve it.

This is your chance to make an important decision in your future financial interests. As independent home business owners (IBOs) we market a product that every one wants and needs and it is affordable. There is no inventory so you wont have a house full of vitamins or candles laying around.

This is all made possible to us by a company called AmeriPlan®. The most important things you need to know about AmeriPlan® is that they deliver on the promise. If you have the determination to work from home, and have a consistent good work ethic, this business will work for you.

This is not a 3rd party advertisement. I am the owner of this website and have been an AmeriPlan® independent business owner for 17 years. You can, and you will realize whatever dreams you have with a company that delivers and a sponsor who works with you for your success. I am available to my team by telephone (and email, of course) most days of the week (unless I am out on an appointment). I work very close with my team mates. We also have training sites and many training conference calls are available (and required for my team) to ensure your success. You will NOT be left out there “hanging” or wondering what you need to do. You will be given the tools and support you need. The rest is up to you. Your success will only be governed by you, not by someone else! Imagine that kind of a world 🙂

What you can expect:

  • Checks are Cut Daily
  • Free Training
  • Live Team Support
  • Start immediately
  • No inventory (unless you count the brochures you have)
  • No Boss!
  • Manage your own time and work at your pace

how bad do you want to work from home? Stay at home with your children? Create financial freedom for your family?

If you are very serious about changing your life and being paid what you are worth and still taking care of what is important to YOU, then please call me at:


804 495-1149

More information can also be found at our online information and independent business owner (IBO) application site at https://thanson.ameriplanopportunity.com/


AmeriPlan® has been in business for 26 years, and is a member the DSA (Direct Selling Association), Consumer Health Alliance (CHA) and is Dun & Bradstreet listed.

This is not a “get rich quick scam”. It is honest money for honest work and you are paid well for it! Most of all, AmeriPlan® is FUN to work!

I hope to help you reach your success on my team!


Teri Hanson

National Sales Director