Baby Name Name Origin Name Meaning
Ambrose Greek Immortal
Amery German Home Ruler, Divine or Famous Ruler, Variation of Amory, Emery
Amin Arabic Trustworthy, Honest
Ammiel Hebrew People of God
Amos Hebrew A Burden
Andrew Greek Manly, Strong
Andwele African God brings me
Angel Greek Messenger of God
Angelo Italian Messenger of God, Angel
Angus Celtic Very Strong
Ansel Teutonic Divine Helmet
Anthony Latin Priceless, Praiseworthy
Apollo Greek Manly Beauty
Aramis From Literature Fictional swordsman from Alexander Dumas’s Three Musketeers
Archer Latin, English Bowman, Good with a Bow and Arrow
Archibald German Very Bold, Brave
Ardon Hebrew Bronzed
Ari Hebrew Lion
Arlen Gaelic Pledge
Armand German Warrior
Arnold German Strong as an Eagle, Eagle Power
Arthur Celtic Bear, Strong as a Bear, Rock
Arvel Welsh Wept Over
Arvin German Friend to All
Asa Hebrew Healer
Asad Arabic More Fortunate
Asher Hebrew Happy
Ashraf Arabic More Noble
Aswad Arabic Black
Atwater Old English From the Waterside
Atwood Old English Forest Dweller
Aubrey Teutonic Ruler of the Elves
August Latin Exalted
Austin Latin Majestic, Useful, Texas State Capitol
Avery Old English Elfin Ruler
Aviv Hebrew Spring
Axel Hebrew Man of Peace
Az Hebrew Strong, Powerful

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