Baby Name Name Origin Name Meaning
Anastasia Greek One who shall rise again
Andrea **** Feminine of Andrew
Andromeda Greek From Greek Mythology, Ruler of Men
Angel, Angela Greek Messenger of God
Angelica Latin Angelic Messenger, Messenger of God
Anita Hebrew, Spanish Grace, Graceful
Ann, Anne, Anna Hebrew Grace, Mercy
Annabelle Latin, English Lovable
Annette French, Italian Little Graceful One
Anthea Greek Flower-Like
Antoinette Latin, Italian Beyond Praise
Antoinette French Priceless
Antonia Latin Beyond Praise
Antonella Latin Praiseworthy, Form of Anthony, Antonella Barba from American Idol
Aphrodite Greek Goddess of Love & Beauty, Foam
April English, Latin To Open Up, Born in April
Ara Arabic Rain, Rainmaker, Opinionated
Ardelis Latin Warm, Enthusiastic, Industrious
Ardelle, Ardella Latin Warm, Enthusiastic, Industrious
Ardis Latin Eager
Aretina Greek Virtuous
Ariana, Arianna Welsh Silvery
Ariana, Arianna Latin Holy
Ariel, Ariella,Ariela, Arielle, Aryel Hebrew Lion(ess) of God Given middle name of Halle Berry &
Gabriel Aubry’s child. The first name is Nahla.
Arilda Teutonic Hearth, Home
Arleen Celtic A Pledge
Armilla Latin A Bracelet
Ashley, Ashlea, Ashlee, Ashleigh, Ashton English From the Ash Tree/Meadow
Aspasia Greek The Welcome
Astra Greek Starlike, Of/From the stars
Astrid Teutonic Impulsive in Love
Athalia Hebrew The Lord is Mighty
Athalie Hebrew God is Great
Athena Greek Wisdom
Audrey English Strong, Noble
Augusta Latin The Exalted, Sacred
Aurelia Latin Golden
Aurora Latin Roman Goddess of Sunrise, Dawn
Austine Latin The Exalted
Autumn English Season of Harvest
Ava Latin, English Like a Bird
Avery Old English Elfin Ruler
Avis Latin A Bird
Aya Hebrew Bird
Aza Arabic Comfort
Azalea Latin Dry Earth,
A Flower
Azami Japanese Thistle Flower
Azaria Hebrew Helped by God
Azhar Arabic Flower


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