Baby Name Name Origin Name Meaning
Seraphine, Serafina, Seraphina Hebrew Burning or Ardent, Fiery Ones, First name of 2nd child to celebrities Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck
Serena Latin Serene, Calm
Serenity English, French Serene, Calm, Virtue Name
Shana Hebrew Beautiful
Shannon Gaelic Wise
Sharon Hebrew Plains
Shawn **** Feminine of John
Sheba Hebrew Promise
Sheba Arabic Kingdom in Arabia
Sheila Irish Blind
Shiloh Hebrew His Gift, Peaceful, Tranquil, Unisex name
Shirley Old English From the White Meadow
Sibley Anglo Saxon Related or Family
Sibyl, Sybil Greek Wise or Prophetic
Sidra Latin Starlike
Silver English Valuable Metal, Silver
Simone, Simona Hebrew God Listens, Heard
Sinead Irish God is Gracious
Siobhan Irish Form of Jane and Judith, God is Gracious
Sirena Greek A Siren
Shina Japanese Virtuous, Good
Sofia Spanish Wisdom
Sophia Greek Wisdom
Spring English A Season
Summer English A Season
Sunday English First Day of the Week
Sunday Rose Name of daughter born to actress Nicole Kidman and musician Keith Urban
Suri, Souri Persian Red Rose

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