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August 2, 2001, Issue 36
Teri Hanson, Editor, info@babychatter.com

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“Soap Crayons”
By Brandie Valenzuela

Do you have little ones who love to play in the bath? I know I did and if I let them stay in there for the entire day they would look like a prune, but would be loving it! Here is how to make your own soap crayons that are perfect for those baths!

Mild powdered laundry soap
Food coloring
Ice cube trays or other small molds

Add about 1 cup of the powdered laundry soap to bowl. Slowly add water by the teaspoon until it becomes a thick liquid mixture. Stir well and begin adding food coloring until it is the color you like. Pour into ice cube trays or other small mold. Set in a sunny, dry spot for a few days to allow crayons to harden. When hard, remove from mold
and use!

NOTE: Test on your bathtub sides and walls before allowing your child to use them.

©2001 – Brandie Valenzuela
About the Author:
Brandie Valenzuela is married mother of three children, who enjoys working at home as a freelance writer and editor. If you enjoyed this article, then you will want to be sure to subscribe to The Creative Scrappers Newsletter, a free
weekly email ezine for scrappers, by visiting:

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