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August 23, 2001, Issue 39
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Infant Car Seat Carriers – A Practical Purchase for the Busy Parent
By Kimble Quinn

Infant car seat carriers are a wonderful convenience. They are affordable, can go anywhere and can be used in so many ways. Use them to carry your baby from the house to the car, then the supermarket, without disturbing your precious cargo. Rock your baby to sleep, feed her a snack, or take her for a stroll around the block. All of these options are available from a simple infant car seat carrier.

In general, these carriers are less expensive than convertible car seats. I have seen them for as low as $40. A major drawback is that they can only be used until your baby reaches approximately 20 lbs. But for me, that was the age of one for both my children, so I think that is an excellent value for all the use I am able to get out of it.

When looking for an infant car seat, keep these things in mind; They will make your carrier even more convenient:

> Make sure that it has removable base. This way you can securely strap the base into the car one time and be able to quickly and easily remove and install the seat. You can also purchase an additional base to use in a second car for added convenience.

> Large, collapsible canopies are also a nice feature, especially if you like to take your baby outside. These canopies are great for blocking sun and wind.

> Make sure the pad and canopy are washable. These have a tendency to get dirty from spit up, snacks, sticky fingers, and who knows what else! It’s nice to be able to throw the pad and canopy in the wash every once in a while to keep it nice and clean.

> Ergonomic handles (the ones that are bent to make it more comfortable to carry) are nice, but not necessarily worth the extra money. A baby weighing more than 10 lbs is heavy to carry in a carrier, no matter how the handle is shaped, and I just don’t have the strength to carry it for too long!

> Most carriers have a rounded base. This is great for rocking your baby. If it has nice cushioned padding, your baby can comfortably take naps in the carrier.

> Having slots in the bottom of the carrier is a very handy feature found on many carriers. It’s great for putting your carrier onto your favorite supermarket-shopping cart. Just make sure you have it snapped in safely!

Don’t forget to check out the many accessories that are available for your infant car seat carrier. Wouldn’t it be nice to take your baby out of the car and go for a stroll in the park without the hassle of unhooking the belt and re-strapping her into the stroller? You can with a stroller frame.

These lightweight, compact frames are quite affordable and most offer large storage baskets underneath. If you are going to have your baby outside during the summer, be sure to have the mosquito netting that fits neatly around your carrier. This will keep those nasty bugs away from your sweet baby!

Keep your baby occupied while you drive with some cute car seat toy attachments. These colorful and entertaining toys offer baby lots of stimulation.

Purchase an extra base and you can use your carrier in more than one vehicle without the hassle of removing the base to reinstall it into the second vehicle.

A car seat, carrier, feeder, rocker, sleeper, and stroller seat are just some of the wonderful conveniences this car seat/carrier provides the busy parent on the go. Purchase one for yourself and see how many uses you can find for it!

Kimble Quinn is the webmaster for Busy Parents Online – offering advice, ideas and support for today’s busy parent. Make friends and compare notes in the busy parent’s community. Stay in touch, involved and inspired with The Busy Parent Guide newsletter. http://busyparentsonline.com

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