By Go-To Mom Jennifer Clendenion, Parsons, TN

As the mother of a nearly 3-year-old toddler, I know how much young kids want to help mom in the kitchen. It’s a great place for learning, as well as for bonding. Here are a few tips as your little one becomes “mommy’s little helper”:

1. Get them in on the action – My daughter wants to help at the stove, but for obvious reasons this is dangerous. I try to make her feel included by always giving her a task to help me complete dinner. Sometimes she tears lettuce for salads, or adds pre-cut veggies to the bowl. Kids who are a little older can set the table.

2. Teach them numbers – One of my daughter’s favorite things is setting the timer on the microwave. She loves to punch the buttons and she’s learning some numbers.

3. Set aside a place for her to work – If you have room, a kid-sized table is great, but just a spot at the counter and a sturdy chair or stool works, too. If you set aside this special place, there may be less of a chance of your youngster getting too close to the stove or getting under your feet.

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