By Kristi Sayles

If you have a baby, you have most likely experienced diaper rash to some degree. It can be a mild case that will disappear with a fresh diaper or can become so severe that it may crack and bleed if not taken care of. Diaper rash occurs on babies’ genitals, buttocks and in the fold of skin on the thighs. At times, the rash can also develop on the abdomen and is caused by being exposed to wetness for a prolonged period of time.

In the more mild cases of diaper rash, treatment can be done relatively quickly and easily. First, clean the area very well, making sure not to skip over folds in the skin. Then apply diaper rash ointment, following the directions on the label. It will be very important to change diapers frequently as you are trying to keep wetness away from the area. If it is possible, take the diaper off the baby and let the area stay exposed to air for as long as possible.

When you clean the baby, make sure the wipes you use do not include alcohol as an ingredient, as this will dry out the baby’s already sensitive areas. Instead, use a soft cloth or paper towel that is dampened slightly with water.

In addition to the diaper rash ointment, adding some Maalox to the area will help neutralize the acids in the child’s urine and will also provide a cooling effect when drying.

Other mothers swear by using cornstarch on your baby’s bottom to absorb the baby’s wetness, sometimes being used after spraying vinegar over the area and allowing it to dry. Still others prefer to use anti-inflammatory lotions such as Neosporin and Lotramin AF to help with the swelling and pain. Many pediatricians recommend using chlorine-free diapers to reduce the chance of a rash.

If the rash has gotten to the point that there a blisters or pus-filled sores, call the doctor immediately. Also, put a call into the doctor if the rash spreads to other areas. This could be caused by something more serious than just sensitive skin and should be looked at by a pediatrician.

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