By Preschool Play


Before doing today’s activity, talk about what it would be like if you couldn’t see. Use the term blind and explain what that means.
Encourage your child to paint a picture with the art materials you have set up on the table. After doing her best work, ask her to try painting blind. When done, compare the two paintings. This activity will teach your child to be more empathetic when she encounters sightless people. She will also appreciate her ability to be able to learn how to do many things with her eyes.


Washable plastic tablecloth
Paint Brushes
Red, blue and yellow paint
Quart size paper milk cartons
White paper


1. Tape paper onto tablecloth. Wash milk cartons and cut off the tops making 3 different height containers.

2. Let your child choose which height to put each of the three paint colors inside. Put one color in each container.

3. Tape the cartons to the tablecloth so your preschooler can see
where each paint container is placed. Make sure the containers are near the painting paper.

4. Let her feel the brushes, paper and paint containers and fix in her mind where each item is placed.

5. Then blindfold her and let her paint her picture.


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